Diversity Commission Student Award

​The Diversity Commission Student Award is designed for students who actively engage with issues of diversity, equity and/or inclusion. The Diversity Commission is committed to fostering a deeper understanding of the importance of diversity and social justice at DMACC and in our larger communities and believes that awarding this scholarship can help further that work.

All DMACC students are eligible for this award; students may only receive an award once per academic year.

For Fall 2022​, awards will be given in an amount ranging from $100 to $250 each and will be distributed to students in the form of gift cards. The deadline for the fall award application is below:

  • Fall Award - Materials due Friday, July 15,​ by 4 p.m.


How to Apply:

  1. Complete the application. Applications that are not fully completed will be ineligible for consideration.

    Apply ​Now

  2. Submit Essay: In approximately 250 words, explain your experiences with diversity, equity and/or inclusion. How have those experiences influenced you as a college student?

    *Diversity includes race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, military experience, non-traditional age, first generation college students, and other related experiences

  3. Please ask a DMACC faculty member, staff member, or administrator if they are willing to serve as a reference for your application for this award. If they are, please include their name and email in your application and let them know that the Diversity Commission will send them a link to a reference form that they can fill out on your behalf. 

  4. Please submit all essays in .docx or .pdf formats. 12-point, Arial or Times New Roman font and double-spaced essays are preferred​.

All applicants are encouraged to join the Diversity Commission. Please contact diversitycommission@dmacc.edu​ for further information if you are interested in joining us!

Award Notification and Disbursement of Funds

Applicants selected to receive an award will be notified by email through the student's DMACC email address. The recipient will receive information about how the funds will be distributed when they are notified of their award​. ​

Reimbursement Policy for Withdrawals

Recipients of the Diversity Commission Student Scholarship who officially withdraw from the college and are eligible for full or partial refunds of tuition and fees are required to return the scholarship award.