Iowa Communication Network Credit Courses

The Iowa Communication Network (ICN) is a statewide fiber optic communications system that provides interactive video, voice and data services. ICN students can see and hear the instructor and students at the other sites. Students use the push-to-talk microphones to ask questions or make comments. Visit Iowa Distance Learning Database for more information on ICN.

Here are your options:

Off-Campus Courses offered via ICN - There are 139 locations within DMACC's geographical region, AEA 11. These sites may include local school districts, colleges and universities, libraries, education agencies, and state and federal courts and agencies.

On-Campus Courses offered via ICN

Schedule of Courses

Here are links that will take you directly to a list of all the courses offered via ICN:

These courses are listed among DMACC's traditional courses and can be found when searching for a course.

The location of the class will be noted as ICN to distinguish it as an ICN course.


Order books for your classes from the DMACC Bookstore using your Visa, MasterCard or Discover, and they will be mailed directly to you. If you cannot buy books at the bookstore, we have two ways to order books:

Shipping and handling fees for books are based on book weight.

(Note: If books are ordered online during the first week of class, there may be a delay in receiving your books. If planning on ordering online, please order your books prior to the start of class.)

How to Apply & Register for ICN Courses

The process of applying and registering for an academic credit course offered via ICN is the same as if you were applying and registering for a traditional credit course.

For a credit course: apply for admission by following DMACC's Admission Policies, Requirements & Procedures.

For credit and non-credit courses: register for your class either by telephone, fax, online, or mail.