Custodial Services

Custodians cleaning floors The DMACC Custodial Department provides daily custodial care to approximately one million square feet in 40 different buildings. This department also takes care of Waste Haul-away, Recycling and Pest Control Services for all the campuses. Each building consists of either a DMACC or contracted cleaning staff member assigned to perform the following scheduled work tasks.

Assignment intervals as follows: (These tasks vary with the contract cleaning company.)

Daily (During the week)

Custodian cleaning floor
  • Sweep and dust mop hard surface floors
  • Empty waste and recycled containers/replace liners as needed
  • Clean chalkboards/ whiteboards. Clean ledges 2 x a week
  • Damp mop floors in high traffic public areas
  • Vacuum carpets and straighten furniture
  • Clean entryway matting - this includes underneath
  • Clean and polish water fountains
  • Clean public phone areas
  • Clean sinks and washbasins in labs / classrooms
  • Spot clean entry glass
  • Wash off trash can lid tops
  • Light dusting
  • Straighten up pamphlets/ flyers/ newspapers, etc.
  • (Thoroughly clean restrooms)
  • Clean and disinfect urinals and toilet bowls
  • Clean sinks and wash basins
  • Clean mirrors
  • Sweep and wet mop floors
  • Spot clean walls and doors weekly
  • Remove graffiti
  • Wash partitions weekly, spot wipe daily
  • Wash waste containers monthly
  • Polish all chrome daily
  • Fill all toilet tissue, towel and soap dispensers
  • Fill all sanitary product machines monthly


  • Spot clean carpets (work on spots)
  • Spot clean walls and doors in main areas
  • Dust reachable flat surfaces 2 x a week
  • Wash door glass in entry ways
  • Empty pencil sharpeners
  • Wipe off table tops 2 x week
  • Mop all other hard floor surfaces
  • Burnish all main floors on rotation basis


  • Buff floors with low speed machine
  • Bonnet clean high traffic areas of carpeting on rotation
  • Vacuum furniture as needed and time allows
  • Dust high areas
  • Clean all erasers 2 x a month


  • Bonnet clean carpets - especially wear path areas
  • Dust air vents
  • Clean all trash containers in and out, including lid tops
  • Wash chairs, also bases and table bottoms
  • Clean all interior windows

Semi-annually and/or Annually

  • Strip or refinish all hard floors
  • Dust blinds
  • Extract/wash walk off mats
  • Extract carpeting
  • Clean windows in and out

As Needed

  • Mop pop/coffee/food spills
  • Clean up body fluids
  • Various other duties as assigned

The custodial staff is NOT permitted to do the following:

  • Clean bookshelves, personal items, or trinkets.
  • Clean computers or special office or lab equipment
  • Perform personal favors
  • Remove chemical spills
  • Wash coffee cups or pots

The majority of the Custodial staff work late evenings or early mornings when the buildings are unoccupied and cleaning can be completed most efficiently. For emergency clean up call the Physical plant office from 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at either 515-964-6253 or 515-964-6259. After hours you would need to contact either security at 515-964-6500 or the lead custodian at 515-577-1298. On weekends you will need to call the evening/weekend dean's office at 515-964-6286

The Supervisor of the Ankeny Custodial Department is Marti Schut. She can be reached at her office phone 515-964-6677.