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Workplacelean® training is designed to assist organizations in reducing waste and streamlining their work processes.

Workplacelean® training has helped to improve processes in banking, finance, education, insurance, government, manufacturing, and non-profits. Some of the processes that have been improved include:

• Accounts payable
• Building permits
• Hiring
• Membership services
• Program Application
• Student Services
• Vehicle Maintenance
• Accounts receivable
• Building remodels
• Incident investigations
• Order processing
• Procurement/Purchasing
• Testing
• Warehousing
• Asset management
• Grant funded processes
• Insurance processing
• Product development
• Scheduling
• Trademark Applications
• and others

How workplacelean® can assist you and your organization:

  • Reduce errors
  • Increase productivity through streamlining of workflow
  • Improve utilization of resources
  • Improve communications within & between departments
  • Increase employee morale
  • Facilitate change
  • Improve quality of internal and external customer service

DBR professional consultants will tailor an implementation program that may include the following:


Pillars - Utilize Lean tools to improve a process and information flow through a structured simulation. [Details]


Launch - Train your employees to use lean tools to improve their own work processes by eliminating non-value added activities using current and future state process mapping. [Details]


A3 - Train employees to use observation and the Toyota A# problem solving tool to improve work processes. [Details]


5S Organizing for Productivity - Trains employees to use Lean tools to organize their workspace for functionality and productivity. [Details]

S5 Electronic

Electronic 5S For the Office -Trains employees using PCs and Microsoft Office® 2007 or 2010 tricks and tips for efficiently organizing and accessing their electronic files.[Details]


Value Stream Mapping - View your system as a whole and identify areas of needed improvement.

Implementation Assistance

Implementation Assistance - Just-in-Time, on-demand expertise is available to guide your organization in implementing and sustaining LEAN.


Process Mapping Basics - Trains participants in the basic steps to set up and lead a process mapping project within their organization. [Details]

This is what clients who implemented workplacelean® are saying:

"DMACC Business Resources trained all our staff on the basics of workplacelean®. We view workplacelean® as one of the most important strategic initiatives in our company and it is the foundation for how we will operate this business for years to come. The A3 tool is widely used by our staff and has become a very important part of our problem solving process. Our customers applaud the improved operational focus and customer service response that are a direct result of our implementation of the workplacelean® program with DMACC."
Steven Smith, President of GCommerce

"It [5S training] was phenomenal. The results were amazing and employees really came on board and are excited about doing additional events around our facilities.

I have enjoyed working with you on this project and am so grateful for your assistance with making these opportunities available to our staff. Thank you!"

Dan - Production Business Mgr.

"Updating you on "Leaning" the G-Invoice process…(learned in Launch) the system seems to work pretty great internally and the time spent on the actual process is nearly cut in half, which positively affects not only my daily productivity but our customer service as well.

All smiles here so far…"

"The [electronic 5S] training helped everyone think in topics and put documents where they belonged. We went from viewing all our shared folders in 12 screen shots down to just 2. We reduced our main folders from 400 down to 49 making it much easier and intuitive to find things."

Contact a DBR consultant today to learn how implementing workplacelean® in your organization can improve your efficiency and improve your profits.

Many clients report their investment in workplacelean® training was recouped from implementation of the process improvement at their first training event!

Watch this video to learn more about Lean.