DMACC DBR Business Acumen Series

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​​The Business Acumen Series will provide individual contributors, managers and leaders meaningful understanding and application of the universal principles of business, finance, decision-making and success. More than a finance program, learners will see where costs are incurred and revenue is earned, and they’ll also learn how to deploy resources effectively toward organizational goals and objectives. The program emphasizes real-world application to decisions, decision-making and performance back on the job.


Topics include:

• The Five Factors of Business Success (Cash, Margin, Asset Utilization, Growth, People)

• Working Capital, Asset Efficiency, Capacity Utilization, Inventory/Value Chain Optimization

• Capital Budgeting, Return on Investment, Time Value of Money, and Risk
• Price, Margin, Fixed Costs, Variable Costs, Volume and Profit ​• Cash Position, Cash Flow ​• Budgets, Budgeting and Decision-Making


The seminar would be delivered mostly live online via Zoom, with 30-60 minutes of specific learner-centered or learner-initiated learning activities to be completed between sessions (individual or small group). The live online sessions will be engaging and interactive, using case examples, breakout room discussions, presentations, polling, whiteboarding, quiz games, decision simulations, and more. The highlight of the Series is a digital, real world business simulation where teams of learners apply their learning in a real-world marketplace.


Program Schedule


October 13, 2020 | 9:30am–10:30am

​Live Online Kickoff:         1 hour introductory session


October 27, 2020 |     9:30 am–12pm

Session Three: Capital Investments and Analysis


November 10, 2020 | 9:30 am–12pm

Session Five: Introduction to Business Simulation, Round One (Round Two as homework)


October 15, 2020 |     9:30 am–12pm

Session One: Introduction and 5 Factors of Business


November 3, 2020 |   9:30 am–12pm

Session Four: Budgets, Budgeting and Decisions


November 17, 2020 | 9:30 am–12pm

Session Six: Business Simulation Round Three and Four


October 20, 2020 |     9:30 am–12pm

​Session Two: Financial Scorecards


Cost: $1,400 per seat with the same employee to attend all sessions


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