Communicating with Confidence

Join DMACC Business Resources and Instructor Erik Dominguez in our new course offering, Communicating with Confidence. 

Learn how to inspire others through storytelling, gain confidence, and learn keys to becoming a persuasive speaker.

Public speaking and storytelling are both a science and an art, formulas mixed with messiness. These interactive, unconventional, improvisational, and scientific workshops focus on the critical elements of speaking art and science: thoughts, words, actions.​​

There are ​three parts to t​his suite, each consisting of 90 minutes via live Zoom instruction. Each part stands on its own, but together the learning is more comprehensive.

Next Session
  • ​March - April 2022  9 am - 11 am 
  • All sections will be taught via Zoom (links will be sent to participants before each class)
Each part can be be taken on its own for $350 each, however if registering for all three parts you'll get a $50 discount as well as free access to Erik's "Speak Up Skills" program which includes individual coaching with Erik (a $350 value)!

Part 1 - The Confident Communicator

Transform speaking fears into fuel! Our communication can often be muddled with irrelevant details, vague messages, that lead to awkward and inefficient interactions. This inspiring and practical workshop reframes speaking nerves and unlocks clarity, confidence, and comfort in every speaker through science-based speaking, storytelling, and emotional intelligence strategies.​​

Part 2 - The Persuasive Speaker

Inspire and persuade audiences into action through ancient speaking and storytelling strategies with a modern twist. The original rhetoricians coined the terms logos (logic), pathos (emotion), and ethos (credibility) to define how human beings send and receive messages. This inspiring and practical workshop explores how to leverage these approaches in all presentational opportunities.​

Part 3 - The Inspiring Storyteller

Energize and inspire your teams through a culture of storytelling. Our brains read stories like computers read code. Yet, we often don’t consciously know the power of our own storytelling capabilities. This inspiring and interactive workshop teaches effective storytelling techniques to capture and retain your audience and advance your mission and goals.​​

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