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​The world is moving fast. DBR has the resources to help you keep up. We are offering in-the-moment, on-demand content you can offer your employees.

Featured Offering

Raise the Bar: Up Your Game at Work

This offering consists of seven on-demand video modules that will help you get ahead at work.

1. WorkSmarts​TM: How to Get Along, Get Noticed and Get Ahead

Success isn’t just about the job you do—it’s also about how you do it. Communicating effectively, working well with others,
staying positive and flexible in the face of change —these are essentials for helping new employees become productive
as quickly as possible.

Preview WorkSmarts here​

2. Conflict Clock​TM
Conflict with another person can create stress – the kind of stress that can lead to a response that makes the problem worse,
rather than better. This course was designed to help all employees respond to workplace conflicts successfully!
Benefits include: reduced stress and frustration, increased effectiveness, more respect and recognition and increased job
and personal satisfaction.

3. Exceeding Internal Customer Expectations
“Customer service” is sometimes used as a buzz phrase. We hear that great customer service, for our external customer,
depends on excellent internal customer service. But what does that mean? Having satisfied customers leads to increased revenue
and increased brand awareness. Having satisfied employees is the key contributor to a company’s success —
especially in tough economic times.

4. Johnny the Bagger: A True Story of Customer Service
This course focuses on how you can provide exceptional service to your customers. Exceptional service happens when it comes from
the heart of each of us. And anyone, no matter who they are or what they do in the organization, can make a difference. Based on a
true story, Johnny the Bagger® is designed to show an example of great customer service through the story of Johnny, the grocery

5. TrainingBytes Achieving Communication Excellence
Effective interpersonal skills are at the heart of every successful project, team and organization. As long as there are individuals
interacting in the workplace, there is a need for sharpened communication skills to diffuse potential problems, increase productivity
and accelerate results.

6. Ready. Set. Change! Reacting Smarter. Adapting Faster. Engaging Together.
Change in the workplace today has taken on a new dimension. It is no longer just an event or an initiative, is it? Rather, it is pervasive
and constant, and it impacts all of us. This course will provide you with a clear and practical strategy that will help you develop the skills
to understand, respond to and navigate any change in a way that’s positive and productive for you, coworkers, customers and
the organization.

7. Whale Done! The Power of Positive Relationships
Transform your organization with the power of positive relationships - based on the highly popular and best-selling book by
Ken Blanchard. Best-selling author Ken Blanchard shows how to improve workplace relationships and productivity by using the 
Whale Done!™ approach. Based on behavior-changing strategies developed at SeaWorld, this program offers a compelling message
and memorable workshop activities that will have an immediate and positive impact on your workplace.​