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COVID-19 – Returning to Work Safely – What Employers Need to Address

Wednesday, June 10th, 11am-12pm

Zoom-Pro-Annually-2.jpgIt will be important for businesses to ensure the safety and health of their employees while continuing to maintain business continuity.  From a workplace perspective, employers will need to plan to protect employees on the job, including how to continue operations without putting employees at risk.  This can be a huge challenge, especially with many unknowns about the future.  OSC Safety has been assisting employers in preparing their back to work roadmaps and transition plans to provide the safest workplace possible.  This webinar will address:
 - Establishing a COVID-19 work plan
 - Providing COVID-19 awareness training
 - Implementing an effective cleaning/disinfecting routine
 - Integrating controls in areas where PPE may no longer be readily available
 - Maintaining social distancing measures while at work
 - Revisiting subcontractor programs to address safety procedures
As an employer, your best protection against COVID-19 is to have a robust COVID-19 response plan, and to strictly adhere to its policies and procedures.  This webinar will assist you in your planning.


The Coaching Mindset: Helping leaders move from a "solving problems" mindset to a "coaching problem-solving" mindset

 Wednesday, June 24th, 10am-11am


Extensive research tells us that coaching can lead to improved individual and organizational performance.  When approached for advice or help, leaders can respond by asking questions rather than jumping in with solutions, allowing their team members to retain ownership of the problem. Based on the book, "The Coaching Habit" by Michael Bungay Stanier, we'll discuss and apply the Seven Essential Coaching Questions that can trigger a coaching conversation.  This session will be highly interactive and provide opportunities for large and small group discussions using breakout rooms.


Managing Your Emotions When Times Are Tough

Tuesday, June 30th, 11am-12pm


Ever been caught off guard by emotions, and had that adversely impact your day or someone else’s?  During this engaging and useful session, Your Clear Next Step founder and head trainer Sinikka Waugh will offer a proven and memorable model for managing emotions during tough moments – those moments when at least one person in an exchange is not primed to be their best.  Complete with practical tips on how to recognize that this is a tough moment, and how to self-manage in the moment to make sure emotions don’t get the better of you or disrupt those around you, you’ll come away with tools you can use right now, whatever emotion you might be feeling.  Pulled from our most-requested “Navigating Through Tough Moments” curriculum and updated to include some of the emotions many of us are experiencing in the workplace right now through the midst of COVID-19, this session promises to help make your workday better, even when it’s tough.





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Rethinking Stress (Part 1)                   April 2020


Rethinking Stress: A Paradigm Shift During A Pandemic (Part 1)

Rethinking Stress-Part 1.pdf


Rethinking Stress (Part 2)                   April 2020

kissclipart-video-clipart-computer-icons-clip-art-c82fb467ed509b52.pngRethinking Stress: Making Stress Work For You (Part 2)​

Rethinking Stress - Part 2 Handout.pdf


Leading At-Home Employees with Support & Accountability                   April 2020

kissclipart-video-clipart-computer-icons-clip-art-c82fb467ed509b52.pngLeading At Home Employees with Support and Accountability​ 

Leading At Home Employees PPT slides.pdf


Electronic 5S                   April 2020

kissclipart-video-clipart-computer-icons-clip-art-c82fb467ed509b52.pngElectronic 5S - Organizing Electronic Workspaces

Electronic 5S webinar guide.pdf


Running Your Business From Home While Your People Are At Home                   April 2020

kissclipart-video-clipart-computer-icons-clip-art-c82fb467ed509b52.pngRunning Your Business From Home While Your People Are At Home​ 


Make Your Remote Meetings Zoom!                   April 2020

kissclipart-video-clipart-computer-icons-clip-art-c82fb467ed509b52.pngMake Your Remote Meetings Zoom! 


Using Data to Make Good Decisions During a Pandemic                   April 2020

kissclipart-video-clipart-computer-icons-clip-art-c82fb467ed509b52.pngUsing Data to Make Good Decisions During a Pandemic​


Strategize for the New Normal                      April 2020

kissclipart-video-clipart-computer-icons-clip-art-c82fb467ed509b52.pngStrategize for the New Normal​ 

Strategize for the New Normal.pdf


Plan Your Business Future Now                   April 2020

kissclipart-video-clipart-computer-icons-clip-art-c82fb467ed509b52.pngPlan Your Business Future Now

Plan Your Business Future Now.pdf

Stop Letting Time Get Away From You                   May 2020

kissclipart-video-clipart-computer-icons-clip-art-c82fb467ed509b52.pngStop Letting Time Get Away From You

Self-Leadership: Making the Most of Working Remotely & Showing Your Worth                   May 2020

kissclipart-video-clipart-computer-icons-clip-art-c82fb467ed509b52.pngSelf-Leadership: Making the Most of Working Remotely & Showing Your Worth

Self-Leadership - Making the Most of Working Remotely & Showing Your Worth PDF.pdf


Getting TRACTION for Your Business in Trying Times - with EOS®                   May 2020

kissclipart-video-clipart-computer-icons-clip-art-c82fb467ed509b52.pngGetting Traction for Your Business in Trying Times - with EOS


Do You Mind? Four Ways to Boost Personal and Employee Engagement in the Midst of Extended Crisis, Disruption, and Uncertainty                  May 2020

kissclipart-video-clipart-computer-icons-clip-art-c82fb467ed509b52.pngDo You Mind? Four Ways to Boost Personal and Employee Engagement