Events - Ankeny Campus

​Positive Mental Health Workshops - Spring 2019

All workshops to take place in the Welcome Center (Room 54) in Building 1.

Take a Breath

Wednesday, February 27, 2-3 pm

Come and learn breathing techniques to relax your body and balance your mood. This is an experiential workshop, incorporating visualization and sound to promote wellness.

Overcoming Procrastination

Thursday, March 7, 10-11 am

Everyone tends to suffer from procrastination to some degree. Learn how to overcome procrastination and achieve your goals.

Healthy Choices & Alcohol Use

Monday, March 11, 2-3 pm

Covers important information that will help someone make a personalized and informed decision regarding their alcohol use.

It's Real: College Students & Mental Health

Wednesday, March 27, 2-3 pm

View a documentary featuring the stories of college students from across the country. It shows how students can seek help for these conditions & successfully manage them.

Talk Saves Lives

Wednesday, April 3, 2-3 pm

Covers the general scope of suicide, the research on prevention, and what people can do to fight suicide. Learn the risk and warning signs of suicide and how to help prevent it.

All About Test Anxiety

Thursday, April 11, 2:30-3:30 pm

Explore text anxiety and the debilitating effects that irrational fears can have on your academics, as well as tips to work with test anxiety to harness its positive effects.

Depression 101

Thursday, April 18, 1-2 pm

Learn to recognize the warning signs of depression and how you can help a friend, family member, or even a stranger when they are in need, and especially when they are in crisis.

Sexual Assault, Consent, & Bystander Intervention

Monday, April 22, 2-3 pm

We will explore effective consent, the power of gender, and our role & obligation as active bystanders in preventing sexual assault.