Return to Work Facility Teams

​The Return to Work Facility Site Team within each facility is a cross-functional team led by the provost or site director, deans, and building and grounds supervisor lead.

The role of the Return to Work Facility Site Team is to ensure our facilities and workforce are ready to resume work in a safe environment by following the Return to Work Playbook and to respond to issues in coordination with the Executive Committee and the Come Back Strong Committee. This Team sets the tone for how DMACC faculty, staff, and students navigate when they return to work.

The communications, behaviors, and interactions with the workforce must reflect DMACC's commitment to safety and wellbeing.

Facility Site Teams

Ames Hunziker CenterDrew NelsonJeff Kelly
Boone CampusDrew NelsonMark Hill
Carroll CampusJoel LundstromGary Schmitz, Ryan Renze
Capital CenterAnne HowsareArt Brown, Melody Bethards
Evelyn K. Davis CenterAnne HowsareAhmed Agyeman, Mike Madalozzo, Eric Berglund
Newton CampusJoe DeHartJason Chance
Legacy PlazaKim Didier160;
Perry Van Kirk AcademyJoel LundstromEddie Diaz, Galen Briggs
SouthridgeAnne HowsareMike Madalozzo, Melinda Williams, Eric Berglund
Urban CampusAnne HowsareMike Madalozzo, ​Albert Farr, Eric Berglund
Transportation CenterJenny Foster160;
West CampusTony PaustianDominic Godinez, Marianne Brown
Ankeny Campus - Outdoor SpaceGreg Martin
Bldg 1 Student Services, HR, Business OfficeShelli AllenJenifer Owenson
Bldg 2 Liberal ArtsJim Stick
Bldg 3W Indust/Tech  Jenny FosterMike Gatzke
Bldg 3W Indust/Tech  Jenny FosterMark Rosenberry
Bldg 4 Math/ScienceScott SchultzJenny Foster, Rich Roberts
Bldg 5 Student Center/TPGreg MartinKaren Stiles
Bldg 6 IT/Library/AAC/MusicGreg Martin
Bldg 7 ICIJim StickJohn Andres
Bldg 8 Business/ITJeanie McCarvilleCrystal Weitz, Ann Gadbury
Bldg 9 ECE/Dental/Social ScienceArt BrownScott Schultz
Bldg 10 Welding/Auto CollisonJenny FosterGary Sanger
Bldg 12 Physical PlantGreg Martin
Bldg 13 AutoJenny FosterJerry Burns
Bldg 14 Diesel/Ford AssetJenny FosterShea Parsons
Bldg 15 Graphic DesignJenny FosterHeather Purdy
Bldg 16 Bldg TradesJenny FosterNed Rasmussen
Bldg 17 Diesel/Ford AssetJeanie McCarvilleKevin Patterson
Bldg 18 PhotographyJenny FosterDavid Purdy
Bldg 19 Fine ArtsJim Stick
Bldg 20 Building TradesJenny FosterJon Darling
Bldg 21 Marketing/PRTodd JonesDianne Downing-Nelson
Bldg 22 Borgen Administration BldgRob DensonMD Isley
Bldg 23 Career Advantage, Online, WBLMark SteffenRandy Gabriel
Bldg 24 Health SciencesArt BrownKendra Ericson/Natalia Thilges
FFA: Conference Center Jennifer McTaggart
FFA: DMACC Agriculture, Vet Tech, Water​Jenny FosterAmy Fertig
DMACC FarmJenny FosterMike King, Tim Doud, Dwayne Faidley
Transportation InstituteJenny FosterDave Pfiffner