Come Back Strong Committee

​DMACC organized the Come Back Strong Committee to prepare the College for a phased reopening. The DMACC Come Back Strong Committee has been working in coordination with the Executive Committee to develop procedures and protocols to keep employees, students, and guests safe and healthy.

The Committee was comprised of a cross-Campus team.  That Committee was charged to create a College-wide Playbook to help:

  • Ensure COVID-19 policies are communicated throughout the College.
  • Ensure appropriate local personnel are deployed to support new policies and protocols.
  • Refine on-site occupancy needs to reflect student programming.
  • Review Return to Work facility checklists developed by Deans, Provosts, and those in charge of facility usage.
  • Support validation processes.

The Come Back Strong Chair will periodically monitor and report the progress of all sites toward reopening. Reports will be generated and provided on at least a weekly basis along with the most recent version of the Supervisor Building Usage Guidelines. Reopening is dependent on knowing how each department is able to implement the plans and protocols that have been developed and recommended by the Come Back Strong Committee and approved by the Executive Committee.

Specifics of the plan include knowing the status of:

  • Cleaning and disinfection protocols appropriate to various facilities and functions
  • Availability of proper personal protective equipment (PPE) for the workforce and visitors
  • Establish the proper entry point(s) and routing
  • Create facility map to include in readiness
  • Ensure workplace design allows for proper social distancing
  • Ensure fresh air is maximized and monitored
  • Ensure all visual aids, signage and appropriate material is posted in common areas
  • Complete and sign off on Return to Work facility checklist
  • Human Resources will be an available resource to support communication and readiness
  • Response to questions and issues regarding return to work protocol
  • Advise on COVID-19 reporting and case management protocol
  • Direct employees to appropriate wellbeing resources depending on situation