2020 Spring Semester Grading

​​The DMACC Leadership Council recognizes the impact of COVID-19 on the spring 2020 semester, therefore, for all spring 2020 term classes in session after March 13, DMACC students will have the option to accept an assigned letter grade OR to submit a request for pass/fail (P/F) grading.  

Here’s how this will work:

  • Faculty will grade students as usual and submit a letter grade (A-F, or I) to the Registrar's Office, according to the grading scale outlined in their course syllabus.
  • Students will choose to receive either the letter grade recorded by the instructor or a P/F ​designation. This decision must be made between May 14 and May 20, 2020, by submitting an online form through the DMACC Registrar’s Office. If no form is submitted, the letter grade will be recorded for the course.
  • Courses taken with P/F grading may count towards curricular, academic program, academic progress and graduation requirements. Students in certain Career and Technical programs may want to confer with an academic advisor, navigator, or their program chair to ensure a P/F course will meet a required prerequisite or graduation requirement.
  • Students should not elect P/F grades in cases when a course is needed to meet a prerequisite requiring a grade of C or better. In the P/F option, a letter grade of C- or higher will translate to a passing grade, while a letter grade of D+ or lower will equal a failing grade.
  • For standard 16-week courses scheduled to meet from January through May 2020, the drop deadline has been extended to Wednesday, April 15.

DMACC will include a note​ on all student transcripts indicating the extraordinary circumstances encountered in the 2020 spring semester.

Students should consult with their academic advisor, navigator, or program chair about these possibilities and whether they may be a good option for their coursework this semester.