The Big Show Corn Cam at DMACC

​​​​The corn cam can sometimes take several seconds to load, thanks for your patience!

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After 2 Weeks


Looking like a great start to our 2020 growing season. 36,000 nicely spaced plants with hybrid W7878.






Special thanks to Wyffels for sponsoring the Big show corn cam at the DMACC Dallas County Farm

Plant date : 4/23
Hybrid: Wyffels W7878
Relative Maturity :114 day
Trait Package: Smart Stax
Note: 3 replication trials with and without insecticide (Aztec) added 2 replications with W7876VT2 (same base genetics, different trait package) w / wo insecticide

Thank you to DMACC farm Coordinator Michael King, WHO Broadcaster Bob Quin, Brent Tharp and Eric Wilson Wyffels Agronomists, and Doug Pooch Wyffels DSM.

Tractor in field