The Big Show Corn Cam at DMACC

​​​​​​​​​​​​​The corn cam can sometimes take several seconds to load, thanks for your patience!

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It's a beautiful fall 2022 day for some hands-on learning. Did we set the combine up correctly!? Let's measure and calculate losses, then tie those losses to a per acre price!


That'​s a wrap on Corn Cam 2022. Thanks to Channel Seed and WHO Big Show for another successful corn cam season. More details to come on the live radio broadcast!​

To order Channel Seed. Reach out to Truesite Seed LLC. Special thanks to Byron Gutshall.


First day of summer classes at DMACC Dallas County Farm. The corn cam plot is seeing corn emergence!


Not much planting was done on the 11th annual edition of the corn cam planting day, but the DMACC farm raised beef burgers were tremendous and the company was good! DMACC Agribusiness shout out to Matt Nelson and Byron Gutshall of Channel seed and Bob Quinn of WHO Big Show for stopping by.

Coming soon!

2022 Big Show plot by Channel Seed​​​​