School Bus Driver Training

​​​​​​​​All drivers will need to be pre-registered before the class is closed. Drivers can no longer “walk in.” All classes, both Face-to-Face and Annual Update, will close 2 business days prior to the class.

Drivers showing up at class that aren’t on the attendance sheet provided to instructors will be turned away.

Class on Monday: Must be enrolled by 4:00 Thursday

Class on Wednesday: Must be enrolled by 4:00 Monday

Class on Friday: Must be enrolled by 4:00 Wednesday

Class on Saturday: Must be enrolled by 4:00 Thursday


COVID-19 Protocols

DMACC is taking steps to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus during all bus driver courses.  All procedures must be followed, regardless of class location.  If you don't follow these protocols, you'll be asked to leave the class and tuition will not be refunded.

  • Bring and wear a face covering.
  • Maintain six foot distance from others in the classroom, hallways and restrooms.  Instructor will stagger restroom breaks.​​
  • Assist with any necessary cleaning protocols such as wiping down tables and chairs.
  • Drinks are allowed, but no food.  Drinking fountains are not functioning at DMACC.
  • If you're not feeling well or have a fever, do not attend class. 
  • If you test positive for COVD-19 after attending a class, let your transportation director know immediately.  S/he should contact Julie Bundy at  This allows us to conduct contact tracing.
  • Entire protocol for school bus driver training classes:  2021-21 Protocol—Bus​
  • DMACC Updates and Resources:

DMACC reserves right to adjust guidelines/schedule, if circumstances warrant (Ex: PPE available, space considerations/availability, health conditions, Governor/IDPH guidelines).  Thank you for your understanding.​

For New Driver Face-to-Face class schedule and other school bus driver information: 

Lori Hanze​