RV Safety Training


Are you having problems backing or driving your RV or do you have other concerns about your Recreational Vehicle? DMACC has a special program to help you. DMACC offers a Recreational Vehicle Safety and Education program for motorhomes, towed fifth wheel or standard RV trailers/campers. The cost is $400​ for the 8 hour course; however, your spouse is encouraged to attend at no additional cost. Participants will receive 3 hours of classroom instruction, and 5 hours driving and backing their R.V.'s, as well as receiving an R.V. safety inspection.   

Courses are scheduled on an as needed basis to conform to your schedule and the Transportation Institute training schedule.  Please call or email the contact above to schedule your RV Safety Training.

For more information, contact Transportation Institute at 515-965-7450. To register, call 515-965-7450,   toll free 800-35DRIVE