Horizontal Directional Drilling Certification (HDD)

20​18 Class Dates

​**All classes are full at this time**​​

F​or more HDD program information:

Angie Neville
Continuing Education Coordinator

​​​​​​​​​​​Horizontal Directional Drilling Circuit is a two week training program intended to take someone with little to no drilling experience and give them the skill and knowledge needed to work on a drill crew.

DMACC has partnered with Vermeer to provide this multi-faceted training which will include actual drilling equipment operation and classroom time.  The overall goal of the training will be to have crews operate safely and productively on an active job site. 

Student Competencies:

» HDD Safety

  • Recommended operator and safety guidelines
  • Recognize unsafe behaviors
  • Utility strike procedures

» Jobsite set up and bore planning

  • How to safely and efficiently transport and set up HDD drills
  • Daily bore planning activities

» Drill head locating

  • Track drill head utilizing Digital Controls Inc. (DCI) Falcon F5 System
  • Utilize DCI’s Log While Drilling (LWD) technology to verify students pilot bores

» Utility locating and potholing

  • Locate existing utilities and best practices
  • Vacuum excavate located utility and best practices

» Drilling fluid testing, mixing and best practice

  • Learn entire process of testing and mixing drilling fluid and understand its importance in the process

» Drilling and pullback process

  • Learn proper bore and pullback techniques
  • Pulling back different size products and also learning pullback speed calculations with a reamer

» Equipment care and maintenance

  • Perform daily drill maintenance to better understand correlation to machine performance

Training Impact:

» Less machine and operator downtime for on the job training
» Increased safety knowledge
» Consistent employee pool skillset
» Higher return on investment

  • Less machine wear
  • Fewer mistakes
  • Better efficiency
  • Higher productivity      

» Career minded employees
» Teamwork and comradery among employees
» Cross trained employees
» Higher machine satisfaction

  • Lower maintenance
  • Higher productivity

Note - Students must be 18 years old by the first day of the course to enroll


This program has been approved to provide tuition assistance for veterans and other eligible persons in order to access GI Bill program benefits in Iowa.

Tuition and Lodging

The tuition for the HDD Circuit course is $5​000 per operator.  This fee covers the curriculum instruction, materials and use of equipment.  In addition, lunch and snacks are provided daily.  Lodging is not covered in the tuition price. Accommodation recommendations will be provided upon request.

Cancellation Policy

For registered HDD students - All cancellations and transfers must be processed fourteen (14) business days prior to the scheduled start date.  Registration cancellations are non-refundable after the fourteen business day window.  To make a change to your registration, please contact DMACC Registration at 515-256-4910.

For more information

Please contact
Angie Neville

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