To Earn a Certificate or CEUs

​​There are completion requirements if you are taking our online courses or certificates for any of the following recognition:

  • Certificate 
  • CEUs and/or International Learning Units (ILUs) 
  • Certification 

The Requirements

  • Make at least one comment every week in the discussion.
    - The comment should show thought and be more substantive than just “Yes, I agree."  There is no length required for comments. 
    - Replies to other comments, responses to other participants, count as comments (in most cases your instructor values replies and responses as comments).
    - Questions and online discussion facilitative comments also count as well as long as there is some thought to them.
  • Take every Unit self-quiz.
    - Take every Unit self-quiz for the course and get at least 80% score.
    - You may retake any self-quiz as often as you need to get to the 80% level.
  • Completion Timeline
    -The requirements should be done by the last day of the course. 
    -Individual instructors may extend the deadline upon request.

Recognition Award

  • For individual courses, a pdf transcript is issued showing completion.
  • For certificates and certification, a pdf certificate is issued showing completion