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 Competencies: CAD Courses

CAD119.pdfCAD119Intro to Computer Aided Drafting
CAD125.pdfCAD125Auto CAD II - Mechanical
CAD126.pdfCAD126Auto CAD II - Architectural
CAD139.pdfCAD139Intro to CAD/CAM
CAD140.pdfCAD140Parametric Solid Modeling I
CAD143.pdfCAD143Parametric Solid Modeling II
CAD144.pdfCAD144Parametric CAD I
CAD148.pdfCAD148Intro to Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
CAD151.pdfCAD151CAD Graphics I
CAD152.pdfCAD152CAD Graphic II
CAD153.pdfCAD153CAD Applications I
CAD154.pdfCAD154CAD Applications II
CAD155.pdfCAD155Networking Systems Involving CAD
CAD165.pdfCAD165Rendering and Animation
CAD182.pdfCAD182SolidWorks CAD I
CAD184.pdfCAD184SolidWorks for Die Design
CAD196.pdfCAD196Engineering Disciplines and Practices
CAD215.pdfCAD215Mechanical Systems
CAD240.pdfCAD240Applied Materials and Processes
CAD242.pdfCAD242Manufacturing Interfaces
CAD246.pdfCAD246Parametric CAD I
CAD248.pdfCAD248Perimetric Cad II
CAD252.pdfCAD252Design Project I
CAD254.pdfCAD254Design Project II