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 Competencies: ASM Courses

ASM150.pdfASM150Communication with the Elderly
ASM155.pdfASM155Impact on Demographics
ASM160.pdfASM160Aspects of Aging
ASM165.pdfASM165Healthy Aging
ASM180.pdfASM180Cultural Diversity
ASM200.pdfASM200Depression, Death, and Grieving
ASM238.pdfASM238Financial Management in Aging Services
ASM239.pdfASM239Information Systems in Health Care
ASM253.pdfASM253LTC Practicum: Psychosocial Needs
ASM254.pdfASM254LTC Practicum: Physical Needs
ASM255.pdfASM255LTC Practicum: Administration
ASM256.pdfASM256Agency Experience
ASM261.pdfASM261Regulation of NF and SNF
ASM262.pdfASM262Regulation of Supported Living
ASM263.pdfASM263Pract 1 Quality of Life
ASM264.pdfASM264Prac II Human Resources
ASM265.pdfASM265Pract III Finance
ASM266.pdfASM266Pract IV Environment
ASM267.pdfASM267Pract V Leadership and Management
ASM274.pdfASM274Law and Ethics in Health Care
ASM278.pdfASM278Management in Senior Care Settings
ASM279.pdfASM279Health Care Human Resources
ASM280.pdfASM280Health Care Delivery Systems
ASM282.pdfASM282Aging Services
ASM283.pdfASM283Aging Policies and Government Programs
ASM295.pdfASM295Death and Dying
ASM800.pdfASM800Seminar I
ASM805.pdfASM805Seminar II