Iowa's Top High School Students are Choosing DMACC...

Some of Iowa's top high school students are choosing DMACC. These students could have gone anywhere, but they chose DMACC.

Kelli Spaur

Kelli Spaur

DMACC felt like the perfect fit for me. Sitting down with an adviser and having my options explained to me got rid of all the stress I felt about transitioning to college. DMACC has so many appealing benefits that I found no other college could measure up to. [Read more]
Kaley Exline

​Kayley - Linnville/Sully

I plan on attending a 4-year university after DMACC, and DMACC offered the classes I needed to transfer and was small​ enough to help adjust from a small town school. DMACC offers various tutoring and opportunities to excel. Boone has band and sports so I can continue growing my talents and feel at home. The price for such quality courses makes DMACC completely worth it whether its just getting my associates or the transfer plan to a 4-year college.
Sidney Durbin

​Sydney - Des Moines Lincoln High School

I chose DMACC because the class sizes are smaller and allows opportunity to have a closer relationship with the teachers. It is also more affordable for me to start my college career. When I first started at DMACC, I was unsure what I wanted to do, DMACC helped me figure out what I was meant to do! I thank DMACC for being so helpful and welcoming!

Kaylin - Ankeny High School

I chose DMACC because it will set me up nicely to transfer into a 4-year college. Since DMACC is a well-respected community college, it gave me a chance to see if I can handle being a student athlete in college and it also kept me close to home for a little bit longer, which I enjoy.​

​Vilu - Southeast Polk High School

I chose to start off at DMACC because it was close to home, low-cost tuition and the small classroom size environment. The teachers are great and are always willingly helpful to the students. Going to DMACC gave me the opportunity to work full-time and still be a student while making it flexible and also balancing out my personal life.
Abdul Delati

Abdul - Waukee High School

I choose DMACC because it has campuses all over Central Iowa, which is convenient when I choose to stay close to home. After graduating high school, I still had uncertainty in what I wanted to do and DMACC gave me more clarity in the path I’m heading. Saving money was also a big factor.
Lucas Thul

Lucas - Central DeWitt High School

I chose DMACC over all other options because of the teachers. I was able to talk to the director of the graphic design program before starting. The way​ he handled himself and how much he believed in the program is what told me to come to DMACC. Plus, DMACC is the perfect size for me. I come from a small town, so I didn’t want to go to a huge college. DMACC is the perfect size, its not too big but on the other side, it’s not too small either.

Kayla - Des Moines Christian High School

The DMACC honors program has made it possible for me to achieve my goals and reach for my dreams. I plan to become an author. Because I joined the Honors program, I am now working on completing my first book.

Kerrigan - Hoover High School

I chose DMACC because of the smaller class sizes and it was a great place for me to start out and to figure out what I want to be.

Kyle - Johnston High School

I choose DMACC because in doing a cost-benefit analysis of my options, it made the most sense to start my education at DMACC.

​Shelby - Des Moines Lincoln High School

I chose DMACC because it was affordable and the teachers, students and coaches are like a family.
​ ​ Quentin

Quentin - Urbandale

I decided to go to DMACC because it was near by and affordable. Being in the Honors program allows me to set high goals and achieve higher education.

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