​​​​​The Young Adult Program (YAP) prepares eligible young adults, ages 18-24, for employment in high-demand careers by establishing a community of supporters. The 12- 18 month program provides proactive academic support, individualized employment coaching, and free tuition and required books/supplies for short-term DMACC certificate programs. YAP coordinates career-related events and personal development throughout the year.

As a YAP student, you will:

  • Become a part of a community that encourages growth and success.
  • Receive individualized guidance to help you succeed in the classroom and prepare for your career.
  • Receive FREE hands-on training that prepares you for the workforce that leads to an increase in wage earnings.
  • Receive career and/or educational transition assistance for one year after graduation. 

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Kara Donovan 

Kara Donovan
Employment Specialist
Office: 515-697-1458
Cell: 515-240-6143
Email: kdonovan2@dmacc.edu  


Lynn Torrance 

Lynn Torrence
Employment Specialist
Office: 515-256-4914
Cell: 515-314-9696
Email: lmtorre​nce@dmacc.edu​


Kirstin Born  

Kirstin Born
Program Navigator
Office: 515-256-4954
Cell: 515-954-0830
Email: ksborn​@dmacc.edu​


Jennifer Rice  

Jennifer Rice
Program Navigator
Office: 515-256-4930
Cell: 319-415-0244
Email: jprice19​@dmacc.edu​