Connect with Talented Employees

​​DMACC Career Connection has assembled resources to help central Iowa employers to both connect with highly-trained, eager-to-work employees and help existing employees build skills.

Connect Employees with Credit Classes — For training that gives the individual college credit and your business a more skilled employee, contact the dean of the appropriate DMACC area:

Connect Employees with Non-credit Training — DMACC helps thousands of employees build skills every year. We can even develop training programs that meet your unique needs. Contact Mike ​Hoffman in Continuing Education at 515-256-4901 or

Create a Scholar Program — Offering a needs-based scholar program is a great way to both give the gift of education and help ensure a continuous supply of employees who have the skills your business needs. Contact Kim Didier of DMACC Business Resources at 515-256-4917, email; or Karen Stiles at 515-964-6484, email

Develop Existing Employees — Tap into DMACC's many training, education and process improvement resources that can build your current employees' skills. We'll even bring the training to you. Contact Kim Didier of DMACC Business Resources at 515-256-4917 or

Find Excellent Interns — If you have jobs that could provide valuable internships for DMACC students, contact Karen Stiles at 515-964-6484 or

Find Talented Employees — Connect with DMACC students and graduates who have the skills to contribute to your business today. Contact Sara Clayton​ at 515-964-6215 or ​​ for more information about on-campus recruiting opportunities.

Post Jobs & Internships Online — Employers can advertise job and internship openings to DMACC students and graduates for free at

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