Recruitment Guidelines

​Refer Employers to the Career Center

Faculty and staff who are contacted by an employer regarding career opportunities or recruitment events are welcome to forward the employer’s information to us at 515-964-6463 or We will help the employer connect with the recruiting services and resources that best fit their needs.

Sharing Student/Graduate Information with Employers

Faculty and staff often field requests from employers for direct access to potential candidates through the sharing of contact information, copies of resumes, etc. While it might seem harmless, or even helpful, to share such information with recruiters, doing so could open you and DMACC up to potentially damaging legal or ethical conflicts.

The Career Center is committed to creating a fair and equitable recruiting environment that protects the rights of our students/alumni and guards DMACC from potential harm. We strongly encourage all DMACC faculty and staff to review and follow the guidelines presented in the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) publication, A Faculty Guide to Ethical & Legal Standards in Student Hiring, to help the Career Center maintain the integrity of recruiting practices at our institution.

It is also imperative that all DMACC personnel adhere to FERPA and other institutional policies regarding the release of confidential student/graduate information. If you have questions about these policies, please contact Heidi Heilskov, Registrar, at

Acting as a Professional​ Reference

Students and graduates often ask faculty and staff to serve as references as they apply for internships, jobs, scholarships, etc. For tips on how to serve as a strong reference, we recommend you review NACE’s How to Write a Reference Letter article online.