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DMACC credits you can earn while in high school:
First Semester Classes
APP 260 Fashion Analysis and Design- 3 credits
Emphasis is placed on all phases of the apparel business planning process, including strategic planning, merchandise planning, creative planning, technical planning and production planning as well as discussions of the various types of retailers that sell the apparel products to the consumer. Design elements and design principles are applied to apparel design analysis. Basic garment styles are studied. Fashion forecasting and sources of inspiration are discussed. Current trends are prepared by the student in a research project. Students will learn how to develop a successful group line. Designer history and concepts are researched and shared in a project prepared by the student. The wide variety of fashion-related careers is also covered in this course.
MKT 140 Selling- 3 credits
Emphasizes the "consultative style" of personal selling. Covers the importance of establishing good relationships, finding prospect needs, providing a solution to these needs, and closing a high percentage of sales interviews.
Second Semester Classes
BUS 102 Introduction to Business- 3 credits
An overview of the ever-changing world of business. Provides information in the areas of ownership, management, marketing, insurance, economic systems and finance, as well as the role of government.

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