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Why College?

More and more adults—people just like you with jobs, families, responsibilities—are investing in themselves by returning to the classroom.

Education offers many doors of opportunities, advancing your present career, preparing for a smooth transition to an entirely different career, or simply for the enjoyment of learning. It can be an exciting transition. Author and Money magazine contributor Jean Chatzky wrote about pursuing a career of your dreams and offers some issues to think about Steps to the New "You".

Whether you already have "some" college, a degree, or no post-high school experience at all, there's never been a better time to become an Adult Learner and go to college.

Today, people over 25 have become the fastest-growing segment in higher education, and for good reason. Studies show that those who return to college for additional learning are more valuable to their current employer, and more marketable to potential employers. In fact, jobs requiring at least an associate's degree are projected to grow TWICE as fast as those requiring no college experience.

So, college can mean a better job, a new career, a higher income, and greater job satisfaction. That doesn't mean you need a four-year degree. There are many certificate and other short-term programs at DMACC that lead to exciting, well-paying careers.

Why college? When you come to think about it, perhaps a better question would be "why not?" And even more important: "why not now?"

DMACC Adult Stats Fact Sheet (Average of all campuses)

Total Annual Enrollment 35,573
Average Student/Faculty Ratio 18:1
Age of Student 26
Female Students 55 percent
Male Students 45 percent
Percent of students who receive some form of financial assistance 40 percent
Single parents 11 percent
Students who previously attended another college before coming to DMACC 24 percent
National ranking college in America 17th fastest growing 2-year college in America
Degrees/certificates offered 125
Number of Iowa Counties represented by DMACC students 99
Number of countries represented by DMACC International students 25
Year Founded 1966