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What Adult Students Say

“DMACC was the best choice for someone who has not taken classes [in a while].  I have found the class schedules and the campus to be convenient and easy to find.  Professors are all hands on and dedicated to helping students to be successful
 in their learning experiences.”
Brian, Liberal Arts
“DMACC exemplifies an interactive and affordable experience, especially for working adults.  I chose to attend DMACC to further my career.”
Tori, Liberal Arts
“I like DMACC because it allows me to achieve my goals in a shorter amount of time.  I enjoy the smaller class size and being able to express my views.”
Jessica, Liberal Arts/Entrepreneurship
“DMACC has helped me figure out exactly who I am and what I am inspiring to become.”
Caitlyn, Liberal Arts
“I am an older student looking for a better career than many dead end jobs that I have worked at before.  I feel I am worthy of a better career and DMACC was the best choice for me.”
Eric, Liberal Arts
“I had heard great things about DMACC and I was excited to begin the college experience [as a non traditional student]. Since day one, I have had amazing and helpful [professors] who have made my experience even better.
Stacey, Business Administration
“It hasn’t been a year since I moved here from Wisconsin. DMACC has made me feel at home.  The [professors] are great, helpful and very knowledgeable on the courses they are teaching. It gives me comfort to know that I will get a great
 education from DMACC.
Megan, Nursing

"DMACC classes have allowed me to prove to myself that the learning experience can be achieved at any age."
-Patrick, Age 47

"My experience thus far has been exceptional. The professionalism and class interaction makes every day enjoyable."
-Brian, Age 39

"While I'm just starting at DMACC, my daughter is also attending and has shown me that a career change in midlife is a great adventure."
-Duane, Age 46

"The staff and instructors have been very helpful in aiding my success here at DMACC."
-Nicole, Age 38

"After more than 30 years in the workplace, the company I worked for shut down… DMACC was the perfect choice. As a nontraditional student, I was looking for small class sizes, helpful instructors, quality education and close to home. DMACC was the only local college to offer all of these factors along with a much lower cost than other educational institutions."
-Mike, Age 52

"DMACC is a great place to reinvent yourself for the nontraditional, older student. I have been fortunate to have excellent, supportive instructors who instill up-to-date knowledge and skills and provide me with enormous confidence and creativity. They have [also] given me "life" knowledge and the power to realize anything is possible if you believe in yourself, work hard and are motivated."
-Marlys, Age 55