Food for Thought

Health and Wellness Presentation Series

  • When: Wednesday, July 19th from 11:30am - 12:30pm
  • Where: Bldg. 05, Rooms: 1240 E & F
  • What: Dr Jordan Tanko, Ankeny Chiropractic Health Center, will present on "Ergonomics and Office Posture"

"Posture is the window to our health".  Poor posture is often caused by everyday sedentary activities such as sitting in office chairs staring at the computer screen and cradling a phone.  Poor posture can easily become second nature.  Fortunately, the ability to improve posture and ergonomics are completely within our control.

To Attend:  Please register with the Online Registration link below and choose your sandwich from “IN THE BAG”- Ham, Roast Beef, Turkey and Veggie. Please bring your own Beverage. We will be collecting $5 at the door. Please register by Noon on Tuesday, July 18th. You will receive a confirmation of your registration via email if your registration is successful.

PLEASE contact us if you do NOT receive your confirmation email. Contact Barb Meeker at X 6253 or Brenda Hickle at X 6021 with any questions.​

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