Fitness Classes

weight liftingDMACC Campus Recreation Group Fitness Class Descriptions and Information about Classes

This is a listing of currently offered classes throughout the DMACC semesters. Not all classes are offered at all times during a fitness session.

Balls and Bands is a strengthening class that uses stability balls and resistance tubing to challenge the major muscles of the body.

Boot Camp is an athletic, circuit style class offering challenging intervals of strength, speed, agility and balance training.

BOSU Strength/Sculpt is a class that utilizes the BOSU balance trainer combining both muscle endurance and cardio intervals.

Cardio Fusion is a fun low-impact cardio workout using instructor selected equipment (BOSU, floor aerobics, gliding, body bar, and step). Class goals include aerobic endurance and coordination in an easy to follow format.

Core and More targets the muscles of the core (gluts, upper and lower back, abdominal area) using stability balls, mats and body weight exercises.

Fusion Fitness is a combination of fitness, Pilates and yoga-based movement consisting of both sitting and standing exercises. Improve balance, flexibility and strength.

Fitness Yoga offers the benefits of increased mental awareness, physical strength and flexibility. Yoga mats are provided but you are welcome to bring your own. Workout is beginner to intermediate level.

Glide and Step is a cardio-based workout using the step and gliding disks to challenge the endurance of the heart and muscles of the body.

Kickboxing is a fitness-based adaptation to martial arts formats. Kicks, punches and jabs make this a high-intensity training class.

Pilates Matworks is floor-based core exercise sequences based on the teachings of Joseph Pilates. This class will increase overall muscle endurance, flexibility and spinal

Run Fit Club is designed for those individuals new to running or beginners who want to try in a group setting to improve.

Step & Sculpt includes intervals of step and muscle strengthening that makes this an easy-to-follow, fun workout.

  • All fitness instructors are trained and certified through nationally recognized organizations
  • All necessary equipment is available for use during classes in the Campus Recreation Center
  • Group fitness classes are FREE for DMACC students
  • Classes are held on the north side of the gym in Building 5
  • No class registration is necessary
  • Guests pay $2 for each fitness class they come to with a qualified patron
  • Classes are typically 30 minutes in duration unless otherwise indicated
  • DMACC Campus Recreation reserves the right to cancel classes or change instructors

For more information call the DMACC Campus Recreation Center at 515-964-6333.