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UPDATE or COMPLETE your Immunizations Right Here on Campus!

Des Moines Area Community College Immunization Program Procedure

1. Students can visit with the Campus Health Specialist (aka the Campus Nurse) in Building 24, Room 103 concerning the immunizations needed. Appointments are strongly recommended. Call 964-6352.

2. The nurse will fill out an immunization payment form, or if the student knows what immunization(s) they need they can go directly to the Business Office in Building 1-Student Accounts and tell the staff there what they need to pay for and the staff there can initiate the form. The student needs to bring this form and receipt of payment back to Campus Health Office to receive their immunizations. Prices are as follows:

  • Hepatitis – $42 per injection (series of 3)
  • Tetanus/Diptheria/Pertussis (Tdap) – $33
  • MMR – $72 per injection (may need 1 or 2 doses)
  • Chickenpox (Varicella) – $121 per injection (need 2 doses if you go with immunization)
  • TB testing – $7​ (have to be able to come back to my office for the reading)

3. Usually injections can be given the same day. If the immunization or skin test is not in stock, the nurse will order the required materials and contact the student when it arrives.

4. After the injections, the nurse will put the vaccination dates on the form and the student will receive copies of the immunizations given that day to take back to instructor and keep for their records.

5. At that time, the nurse can also write dates on the physical form required by the health program. Remember though that the immunization sheet needs the signature of a physician or health professional listed. This can be done when the Nurse Practitioner is in the Campus Health Office. Check with Campus Health Specialist for NP hours.

School physicals are available for a fee of $25, on a limited basis on days when the Nurse Practitioner is on duty. Call for information and an appointment.

​Campus Health Specialist • 515-964-6352

Women's Health Screenings

This spring/summer, a mobile unit will be on Ankeny Campus for low cost and confidential women's health screenings through Obria. Download flyer​.


*Disclaimer-Campus Health is not a substitute for, or replacement for, your primary care provider. Services provided here are given as a consultation to your primary care provider. If the question exists concerning availability of services, please contact the Campus Health Nurse prior to visit. Treatment is not guaranteed for pain management, chronic health concerns or occupational health related events.​