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While Iowa is recognized for its agricultural might, we are a strong manufacturing state. Consider this: According to the Center for Industrial Research and Service (CIRAS) at Iowa State University, Iowa manufacturing jobs contribute the largest share of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of any major sector in the state, bringing $26.1 billion to Iowa's GDP and employing nearly 240,000 Iowans.


DMACC is preparing a new generation for careers in Advanced Manufacturing. Whether it's "green" jobs building wind turbines, creating innovations in the visual communications industry, or crafting precision parts for the ag sector; DMACC's state-of-the-art facilities and superior training methods assure that workers deliver the desired skills to help Iowa businesses compete—nationally and globally.


DMACC offers degrees and short-term certifications in a dozen advanced manufacturing programs located on six campuses. DMACC grads go on to work in small and large operations throughout the state.


As a Matter of Fact…


"DMACC graduates bring a very good understanding of the basic fundamentals of electronics and control systems. DMACC trains the students with the same products we use daily. These [young professionals] have the ability to put their education to use when they step into the job."


Jeff Hewlett, Vice President of Operations, AEC Corp


"I really like DMACC and its excellent quality professors. The kids who come out of there are very well trained. The only thing they really lack is experience, but you don't get that until you go out and work."


Jack Maxted, President, JA MAX Machine Co., Inc.


"I like the young, ambitious workers who come from DMACC. Their training is excellent! I would hire DMACC graduates in the future."


Bruce Zimmerman, Maintenance Shop Manager, McAninich


"Des Moines Area Community College has been a very important partner for Accumold over the years. As our company continues to grow, we know we can depend on DMACC for the high-quality graduates we need to succeed."


Roger Hargens, President and CEO, Accumold