Business Transfer AA

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Save money on a 4-year business degree by starting with DMACC’s Business Transfer AA!

With this degree, you:

  • Maximize transfer courses!

  • Benefit from onsite advisors!

  • Save thousands!​

Unsure of Your Business Major? That’s okay!

DMACC’s Business Transfer AA pathways into multiple 4-year degrees, allowing you to decide your exact 4-year business major later. This degree pathways into:​

  • Marketing

  • Management

  • Human Resource Management

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Supply Chain

  • Accounting

  • Finance

  • Management Information Systems

Join clubs and meet great friends!

​​​PBL San Antonio.jpg

DMACC students and advisors at the Phi Beta Lamda National Leadership Conference in San Antonio​


Students having fun at an Accounting Club social event!


​Plus you benefit from DMACC’s

  • 19:1 student-faculty ratio

  • Experienced instructors with industry experience

  • In-person or on-line class options

  • Financial aid and scholarship opportunities

  • Free Academic Achievement Center support and tutoring for some classes

  • Free gym membership at Ankeny’s Trail Point when you enroll in 6 or more credits

We offer this program at all 6 DMACC campuses and online.

Enroll Today!

    Student Testimonial

    DMACC Student Vedad Kavazovic

    Vedad Kavazovic

    Current DMACC student planning to transfer to Iowa State University and get a degree in accounting, while also pursuing to get an MBA or a CPA certification

    With this program, you can meet new people and friends that are either going for the same degree or transferring to the same university. It helps students academically and financially, especially if you aren’t sure what you want to major in.

    “Financially beneficial, great connections, and a wonderful environment.


    Student Testimonial

    DMACC Student Lauren McClatchey

    Lauren McClatchey

    Senior at the University of Northern Iowa majoring in Marketing with an emphasis in Advertising and Digital Media

    DMACC’s Business Transfer degree program helps prepare for what is to come. DMACC wants to see you succeed long term, and they help give you the tools to do so.”

    “DMACC creates an extremely smooth and seamless transition to a new university. Transfer advisors are very knowledgeable of transferrable credits and best routes to take for each program.

    “I was able to better prepare for the business path I later took at the University of Northern Iowa and had a quick and easy transition. While at DMACC I was able to get connected to an advisor at UNI which gave me peace of mind that the university was the right fit for me.

    Student Testimonial

    DMACC Student Mikayla Vander Heiden

    Mikayla Vander Heiden

    2022 Simpson College graduate, double-majoring in Business Management and Accounting​

    DMACC was a huge steppingstone in starting my professional career. I had no idea what type of career in accounting I wanted. I did not think I wanted to do taxes, but my DMACC accounting professor encouraged me to do a tax internship so I could rule it out. So I got a tax internship – and loved it. If it had not been for my DMACC professor encouraging me to try something new, I would not be going into the profession I am today, staring at CliftonLarsonAllen as a tax accountant this fall.”

    “I loved DMACC’s small class sizes and close-knit campus community that it fostered. All the faculty and staff were extremely helpful and knowledgeable in their respective fields.”

    “The Business Transfer program gives students a wide exposure to many areas in the business field. Taking a variety of classes helped me narrow down what I wanted to go into. All my professors had real-world experience, so coursework was easier to understand after hearing how they used it in their professional careers.

    Student Testimonial

    DMACC Student Alma Hodzic

    Alma Hodzic

    Senior at the University of Northern Iowa majoring in Finance and ​Accounting

    My college plan was to go to a community college and transfer to a 4-year university. I narrowed it down to UNI and worked solely with their transfer requirements. My advisor was beyond helpful. I knew exactly what classes I needed and how they were transferred to UNI.”

    “I have DMACC to thank for my future career plans because it was in an accounting class at DMACC with an awesome professor that I found my love for accounting. I was more than prepared to continue my education and transfer to UNI.”

    “I loved how much money I saved going to DMACC before UNI. Going to DMACC should be in the back of every high school graduate’s mind. Doing the AA transfer program was the smartest decision I have made thus far in my life.