University of Northern Iowa

​​​​​​​​​The Liberal Arts AA: Business Transfer Pathway for University of Northern Iowa allows you to earn a degree that transfers into UNI degrees such as Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing and many others.

Please see University of Northern Iowa Course Equivalency Guide. Courses subject to change.

This pathway includes

  • business-focused courses (course numbers and descriptions below)
  • core classes. Please make sure to consult with a DMACC Advisor before choosing core classes.

If you are planning to complete the degree part-time, take all Term 1 courses before moving to Term 2.

Term 1

CSC 110 - Intro to Computers​3
ENG 105  - Composition I         3
MAT 157 - Statistics​4
SDV 108 - The College Experience​1
Core Social & Behavioral Science Course​3
​Total ​14

It's a good idea to consult your Advisor before planning your second semester.

Term 2

Course Credits
ECN 130 - Principles of Microeconomics3
ENG 106 - Composition II3
MAT 162 - Principles of Business Statistics4​
Core Humanities Course​3
Core Social & Behavioral Science Course​3
​Total ​16

Term 3

We only offer this class in the Summer as an online class, so there are 5 terms for students transferring to UNI

Course Credits
BUS 231 - Quantitative Methods/Bus Decns4
​Total ​4

Term 4

Course Credits
ACC 131 - Principles of Accounting I​4
ECN 120 - Principles of Macroeconomics3
Core Humanities Course ​3

*Core Science with lab

​Total 13-14

Term 5

Course Credits
ACC 132 - Principles of Accounting II​4
BUS 185 - Business Law I3
​SPC 101 - Fundamentals of Oral Communication​3
Core Humanities Course ​3

*Distributed Core Course

​Total 14-15

Degree Total: 64 Credits

*If a 3 credit science class is taken in term 4, then students need 4 credits of distributive core in term 5 and vice versa to meet the 64 credit requirement.