University of Iowa

​​​​​​​​​The Liberal Arts AA: Business Transfer Pathway for the University of Iowa allows you to earn degree that transfers into University of Iowa degrees such as Accounting, Business Analytics, Economics, Finance, Management & Entrepreneurship or Marketing.

Please see University of Iowa Course Equivalency Guide. Courses subject to change.

This pathway includes

  • business-focused courses (course numbers and descriptions below)
  • core classes. Please make sure to consult with a DMACC Advisor before choosing core classes.

If you are planning to complete the degree part-time, take all Term 1 courses before moving to Term 2.

Term 1

CSC 110 - Intro to Computers​3
ENG 105  - Composition I         3
MAT 157 - Statistics​4
MGT 101 - Principles of Management​3
SDV 108 - The College Experience​1
Core Social & Behavioral Science Course​3
​Total ​17

It's a good idea to consult your Advisor before planning your second semester.

Term 2

Course Credits
BUS 185 - Business Law I3
ENG 106 - Composition II3
MAT 164 - Calculus for Business & Social Science4​
​*Core Humanities Course​3
Core Social & Behavioral Science Course​3
​Total ​16

Term 3

Course Credits
ACC 131 - Principles of Accounting I4
ECN 130 - Principles of Microeconomics        3
SPC 101 - Fundamentals of Oral Communication4​
​*Core Humanities Course​3
**Core Science with lab​3-4
​Total ​16-17

Term 4

Course Credits
ACC 132 - Principles of Accounting II​4
ECN 120 - Principles of Macroeconomics3
​*Core Humanities Course ​3

**Distributed Core Course

​Total 14-15

Degree Total: 64 Credits

*Could be used to meet all or part of the University of Iowa foreign language requirement. If this is the case, then the DIST core requirement in term 4 could change.
**If a 3 credit science class is taken in term 3, then students need 4 credits of distributive core in term 4 and vice versa to meet the 64 credit requirement.