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First Post: Bears and Bulls

Posted November 14, 2016

​I wanted to start DMACC-Boone's blog off with a bang and a brag. The last several days gave me ample choices. Last Thursday night our Phi Theta Kappa chapter inducted new members. On Saturday students from across the state met for a Research Experience for Undergraduates Workshop. Both activities demonstrate the desire to make DMACC-Boone a stronghold for academic excellence and leadership.

On Sunday night the DMACC Bears softball team hosted the Boone Bulls Special Olympics basketball team. Coach Bob Ligouri emphasizes service and leadership to his players, and they did a terrific job of coordinating the event. Athletes from both teams participated in skills drills (Special Olympics Shooting.MOV) and scrimmaged using the Unified model, where both typical and non-typical athletes play the game together.

It was a great night in the gym.Special Olympics Huddle.jpg

Thanks to the following Bears for sharing their time and energy. I'm proud of you and had a great time at practice (thanks for inviting me, Ryanna Bales):

​Sydney Robertson
​Megan Rushing
​Claire Dudek
​Cassie Harrington
​Cheyann Adamson
Jaime Jordan​
​Molly Jacobsen
​Taylor Briley
​Autumn McDanel
​Kerrigan Torres