2017 Annual Report

Founded March 18, 1966 
225 degrees, programs and certificates 
2016 Annual Report
Total Students (FY 2017) 6,3917 students from 99 counties. Students (credit) 35,488 Credit Students taking 428,913 credits. 18,663 Female, 16,825 male, 299 were more than 55 years old, 155 were international students. 97.2% are Iowa Residents, Largest population of diversity: 2,602 Hispanic Students  
New program additions in 2017
1206 Faculty, 481 Staff, 313 Student Work Study and Part Time workers 
Top 5 Majors: Liberal Arts, Nursing, Criminal Justice, Welding/Adv. Mfg, Computer/IT/Web Devt 
Top 5 Courses by attendance: English & Literature, Math, Psychology, Biology, History 

Online Enrollment, 11,617; 1,313 online classes 


Graduates: 93% live/work in Iowa; 98% of DMACC grads were employed, engaged in military service or continuing their education 

Starting Salaries of some In-Demand Careers 

*Based on the most recent student data gathered through the 2014-15 Graduate Outcomes Report.

16, 076 High School Students taking DMACC Courses (Career Advantage) 
Homeland Security Logo. In 2017, DMACC was awarded by the TSA and will teach online, homeland security credit courses for TSA 
New Facility: Trail Point Aquatics & Wellness in the Student Center complex 

Non-Credit Students 
Board of Trustees 
DMACC Foundation 
Campus with the youngest students: West Des Moines, Avg. age 23. Campus with the oldest students: Urban/Des Moines, Avg. Age 29 
44 countries represented by DMACC international students 
DMACC Facilities: 62 buildings, 2,100,000 square feet
Tuition: $147 per credit hour. Lowest tuition & fees of any college or university in Iowa.
DBR - DMACC Business Resources 


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