Building 5

​​The DMACC student activities is Ankeny Campus' premier location to study, attend cultural events, work on class projects, buy books, eat and just relax with friends.

  • Food court (Serving Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) (Discounts to students)
    • Leaning Tower of Pizza
      Monday-Friday 10 am-2 pm & 4 pm-8 pm​​​​
    • Subway
      (Open Monday-Friday 8 am-7 pm)
      *Summer hours 10 am-2 pm
    • Cafe X- An Experimental Drink Lab located near Trail Point entrance​
      ​(Open Monday-Friday, 7:30 am-5 pm)
      *Summer hours 6 am-2 pm
  • Game room
  • TVs and technology center
  • Black box theater and performing arts stage
  • Book Store 
  • Study space
  • Private meeting rooms
  • Courtyard and outdoor seating area
  • Clubs and student activities
  • Veterans Lounge
  • Honors Lounge
  • Career Center

Learn more about our new Building​​ 5.

Floor Plans: Student Center ​Trail Point 1s​t Floor • ​Trail Point 2nd Floor