Callie Ayers


DMACC Alumni Early Achievement Award 

Callie Ayers
Diploma Practical Nursing 2011; AAS Nursing 2012
Care Coordinator, Mary Greeley Medical Center
Ogden, IA


Callie Ayers earned her associate's degree in Nursing from DMACC in 2012. While gaining professional experience as a nurse, she worked toward her Bachelor's of Science degree in nursing, which she earned from Chamberlain College of Nursing in 2014. With a passion toward serving others and a vision to lead, she continued her studies, eventually earning a Master's in Healthcare Administration from Des Moines University in 2017.

Today, she serves as the RN Care Coordinator at Mary Greeley Medical Center in Ames. Her duties require her to facilitate seamless care for patients from admission to discharge. In the high-pressure position, she has been recognized for her ability to manage complex situations and for contributing her depth of knowledge as a member of several hospital-wide quality improvement committees and initiatives.

Callie also gives back to DMACC as an adjunct instructor in the nursing program. In her service to DMACC she has covered clinical and lab needs on the Boone Campus and has even transitioned to offering virtual clinical classes across the college.

Her coworkers, colleagues and students universally recognize Callie for her commitment to the field of nursing, her professionalism, and her ability to pass on her knowledge to the next generation of care givers.​​