DMACC Offers the Lowest Tuition and Fees in Iowa

The DMACC Difference

Why choose DMACC for your education?

  • Transferability to State and Private Schools
  • Class size and Instructor Contact
    1. 30 student class size vs. 300 student class size
    2. Professors have real-life experience in the industry and are focused on teaching, not research
  • Flexibility in scheduling, campus locations and delivery
  • Cost Savings
    As of 2017-18, completing your first two years at DMACC would save you an average of $7,724 compared to a four-year public school, and $47,486 compared to a private college. Save even more by living in an apartment or at home!

Tuition Comparison 

 Source: July 2017-18 Iowa College Student Aid Commission

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Tuition Savings Calculator

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Source: Iow​a College Student Aid Commission