News Articles: The Cost of Higher Education

News Articles:
The Cost of Higher Education at For-Profit Colleges

New York Times
Editorial - False Promises

USA Today
Editorial: For-profit college. What a racket.

New York Times
Harkin Report Condemns For Profit Colleges

Navy Times
Senate report slams major for-profit schools

NPR - All Things Considered
Senate Report: For-Profit Colleges Exploit Students

NPR - Morning Edition
Senate Panel Gives For-Profit Colleges An 'F'

Report: For profit colleges not worth the cost

Talk Radio News Service
For-Profit Schools Remain Profitable At Taxpayer Expense, Report Finds

Bloomberg Businessweek
For-Profit Colleges Shortchange Taxpayers, Senate Study Says

CNN Money
Report slams for-profit schools for expensive tuition, high drop-out rate

Democratic report blasts for-profit colleges

How for-profit schools get rich

Huffington Post
For-Profit Colleges Get Scathing Indictment In Senate Report

Senate report calls for congressional action on for-profit colleges

Los Angeles Times
For-profit colleges slammed in Democratic Senate staff report

Los Angeles Times
Column - Senate probe finds for-profit colleges are all about the money

Arizona Republic
For-profit colleges bilking public, U.S. Sen. Harkin says

Pittsburgh Post Gazette
For-profit schools labeled 'abject failure'

Sun Sentinel (FL)
Keiser, Kaplan among private colleges blasted in Senate report

Atlanta Journal Constitution blog
Scathing report on for-profit colleges and their $32 billion in tax dollars

Star Tribune (Minn)
For-profit colleges - including 3 in Minn. - blasted for dropouts

Portland Press Herald (ME)
For-profit schools get scathing review

WFAA (Dallas, Ft Worth)
Senate report: For-profit schools hurt students

The Kansas City Star
Column - How for-profit colleges cheat students, taxpayers

Connecticut Post blog
Blumenthal backs full disclosure of for-profit college costs

Philadelphia Inquirer
Students at for-profit colleges are more likely to be stuck in debt, study finds

Inside Higher Ed
End of the Beginning

Inside Higher Ed
Congressional Probe of For-Profit CEO Pay

Chronicle of Higher Education
Senate Report Paints a Damning Portrait of For-Profit Higher Education