The High School Diploma is issued by Des Moines Area Community College and is earned by satisfying course requirements.

The High School Equivalency Diploma (HiSED) is issued by the State of Iowa and requires a passing score on each of the five HiSET tests.

Students can register for DMACC Adult High School Diploma classes after their original high school class has graduated.


This depends on how many eligible credits you have earned to date. The High School Completion Center must evaluate your high school transcript to calculate needed credits. Credit Transfer students must be referred by their high schools.


No. The DMACC diploma program allows the flexibility needed for most non-traditional students to earn their high school diplomas.


Contact the High School Completion Center at 515-964-6255 or 800-362-2127, ext. 6255.


The DMACC Adult High School Diploma is accredited through the Iowa Department of Education.


No. All required courses are core classes such as American Government and American History.


While the program is independent study, there are fully licensed teachers available to assist students during Center hours.


No. The program is all independent study, there is ongoing enrollment.


You will have four months from the date of the initial enrollment to complete each class.


Call us at 515-964-6255 or 800-362-2127, ext. 6255 or send us an email.