Steve Schott

Video Production Professor DMACC Ankeny Campus

Steve Schott has over 40 years of experience in TV, film, and advertising production. His credits include movies like The Final Season, TV shows like The Jeff Foxworthy Show, and hundreds of commercials for companies such as Walmart, Hy-Vee, and McDonalds.

The video below shows Schott and his interactive class as he works with students on camera set-up, lightening, and audio. Students also learn editing, motion graphics, color correction, and audio mixing.

“DMACC provided the perfect place for me to teach hands-on, professional video production to men and women who want a broader knowledge of how video is made,” said Schott. “DMACC allowed me to take my 40 plus years of experience and pass it on to the next generation of video makers, web designers, photographers, and mass communication professionals -- or just those who want to shoot and edit video for the fun of it.”

Schott lived in Los Angeles for 15 years, and then spent six years commuting between L.A. and Des Moines. He has produced pilots, series, and musical variety specials for CBS, NBC and ABC, including The Carol Burnett Show and The Bonnie Hunt Show. He has negotiated contracts and worked with stars like Sean Astin, Haley Joel Osment, Tom Arnold, Dolly Parton, and George Clooney.

Schott teaches Video Production l, ll and lll, Editing I and II, Acting for the Camera, and Producing and Directing Techniques. Students in Video Production can earn a Video Production Certificate, a Video Production Diploma, and soon, a Video Production Associate degree.

Schott earned a BA in Film, TV, and Theatre from Colorado State University. He is a long-standing member of the Producers Guild of America (PGA).

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Steve Schott