Dr. Peter Conis

​Sociology and Criminal Justice Instructor DMACC Boone Campus

Dr. Conis brings 27 years of experience working in law enforcement to the classroom. The former Ames Police Department Corporal and Iowa Law Enforcement Academy instructor teaches DMACC students how to understand crime  and the criminal justice system.

"I am able to do more than just cover the material in our textbooks," said Conis. "In my Introduction to Criminal Justice course, I am able to teach students about "real world" crime, sharing my experiences with murder investigations, managing crime scenes and working with violent offenders." Dr. Conis is a DMACC graduate; in 1979 he earned an AA in Criminal Justice.

"It was a great experience. All of my instructors had worked  in either law enforcement or corrections," said Dr. Conis. "DMACC is a teaching college and student achievement is the top priority."

Conis has co-authored two textbooks, both in their second editions, on violent offenders and the corrections system.

"My students are often surprised to learn that their professor   co-authored their textbooks," said Dr. Conis. "They seem to think only university professors publish text books, but there  are several DMACC instructors who are experts in their field  and share that knowledge through publications."

Dr. Conis earned a BS in Sociology from Iowa State University, an MS in Industrial Relations and Sociology from Iowa State University and a PhD in Sociology from Iowa State University.

Contact Dr. Conis at pjconis@dmacc.edu or (515) 433-5066.

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Dr. Peter Conis