Qian Moss

​Professor of Biology, DMACC Ankeny Campus

Qian Moss teaches biology, anatomy, physiology, and nutrition at the DMACC Ankeny campus. She is also a Pre-Medicine Advisor, helping DMACC students interested in medical fields choose course curriculum, meet clinical requirements, and navigate the application process. 

Moss grew up in China and graduated from the Third Military Medical University of China in ChongQing, Sichuan Province.  She also earned a Master's Degree in Microbiology from the University of Georgia.

“The classroom is a piece of the world where I have the choice to positively impact learning minds on a daily basis. I love helping students discover and pursue career passions,” said Moss.  “The students inspire me to keep on learning and striving to be the best teacher I can be.”

Moss says it's important that prospective students know that DMACC is a great place to start if they plan to attend medical school or a physician's assistant (PA) program.

“Affordability is one of the biggest selling points,” said Moss. “Most importantly, though, is the quality of the education. Future doctors and P.A.s will benefit from the small class sizes, dedicated instructors, and the convenience of classes at several locations, plus the ease of transfer to most four-year schools.”

Moss enjoys teaching about what she calls the “amazing” human body.

“At first students don't always share my enthusiasm, but as we learn how everything fits together in the body and how all the systems are intricately connected, they soon see it is indeed amazing,” said Moss.​​

Moss’ newest passion is assimilating anatomy and physiology into yoga, teaching to help people heal.  Moss obtained her 5​00-hour yoga teacher training certificate teaching yoga at DMACC’s Trail Point Aquatics & Fitness Center; a portion of profits she earns from her yoga class go to the Bennet Family Foundation (part of the DMACC Foundation).  Recently she joined the team of yoga teachers covering "Yoga in the Park," a summer community event at the city of Ankeny

Contact Qian Moss at qfmoss@dmacc.edu or (515) 964-6671

Qian Moss