Carl Lindberg

​Professor of Fine Arts/Theater DMACC Ankeny Campus, Program Chair DMACC Ankeny Theatre at The Simon Estes School of Fine Arts, and Interim District Chair of Humanities (starting Fall 2020)

​Carl Lindberg has a BA in Theatre with an emphasis in Acting from California State University at Stanislaus and an MFA (Master of Fine Arts) in Directing from Western Illinois University.  He has been  teaching Acting and other Drama courses at DMACC since January 2017.

An instructor who lives his craft as well as teaches it, Lindberg has worked professionally as an actor, director, designer, and technician for theatre companies across the country for nearly 20 years. Prior to moving to the Des Moines metro area, he spent seven years in Chicago working on major regional stages, on camera, and in the classroom.

“I've trained with nationally recognized organizations: Steppenwolf, The Second City, and Shakespeare & Co.,” Lindberg said. “I've worked on well over 100 plays and on camera projects, and I'm not yet 40!”  He has been represented by a top-3 agent in Chicago, has a local Iowa agent, and frequently auditions for projects in the area.

Locally Lindberg serves on the board of Pyramid Theatre Company, as an All-State Critic for the Iowa High School Speech Association, and as an adjudicator for the Iowa High School Musical Theatre Awards.

“I know what it's like to go to 60 auditions a month and make ends meet with gig work,” Lindberg said. “That’s why we teach and produce theatre and acting in a professional model that is entirely practical.  We prepare them for the industry.

“Our department is also rounded out with other professionals: we have a faculty member that has performed on Broadway and another who is the current Casting Director at Steppenwolf Theatre Company, arguably the most influential theatre outside of New York City,” he said.

Students might consider this field as impractical or just a passion to pursue--"being an artist." But students who earn a degree in Theatre often have advantages in other fields that value ideation, creativity, and dynamic communication.

“Everyone who takes a drama class at DMACC is getting valuable education that supports their ingenuity and presence,” Lindberg said.

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