Dr. Matthew Abbott

​Professor of Biology DMACC Newton Campus

Dr. Abbott earned a BA in Biology from Grinnell College and a PhD in Genetics from Iowa State University. He has been teaching at DMACC since 2007.

"I truly find it rewarding when students come to share my passion for science while participating in class," said Dr. Abbott. "At DMACC, I have the privilege of working with students interested in health science careers and helping students become better consumers of science. This helps them make better decisions regarding critical scientific issues in our society."

Abbott believes one of the advantages of DMACC is the small class sizes.

"I like that I know all of my students by name," said Abbott.

"Our curriculum is just as challenging as the four year institutions, but here I get to interact more closely with the students and be a hands-on instructor."

Abbott has co-authored articles on genetics and development for the Journal of Animal Science and Developmental Brain Research. Each summer Abbott and his father join thousands of other bicyclists and ride across the state of Iowa during RAGBRAI. Abbott has participated in the ride more than 25 times.

Contact Dr. Abbott at
(641) 791-1775.

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Dr. Abbott has participated in RAGBRAI more than 20 times.