​​Snap chat


Prospective and current students:

Looking to meet friends, or a roommate? Want answers to school questions? Need a place to sell your used books? Want advice, or just a place to talk? Follow DMACC's Snapchat and contribute to the story!

Snapchat: dmaccnews


DMACC Snapchat Policy

  • Snaps are subject to both Snapchat terms of use and DMACC conduct policies as applicable.
  • Snapchat users are not required to send Snaps to DMACC Snapchat and any person who does so is choosing to send Snaps voluntarily. 
  • Snapchat users are solely responsible for their actions with other Snapchat users. They understand that DMACC doesn't inquire to the background of its Snapchat followers, and that the DMACC story isn't a closed group.
  • Shares to the DMACC Snapchat story are not endorsements from the College.

Snapchat Rules of Engagement

  • DMACC will not censor Snapchat conversations, unless these issues are encountered:
    • No nudity or obscene content
    • No illegal activity
    • No bullying, defamation or anything that constitutes a threat
    • No advertising
    • No repetitive content

Snapchat Best Practices

  • Anybody in the world can follow DMACC’s Snapchat and view the Snaps you send in to be shared to the story.
    • Be mindful that if you share your Snapchat username, anyone using Snapchat can contact you, and if you've turned your location on, anybody can know your exact location. 
  • Remember that a picture or video can last forever. Users can save your Snaps to their phone, or take a picture of your Snap. Be mindful of that when you take and share a Snap.
  • If you decide to meet a Snapchat user in person, do so in a public place. If you meet them and feel unsafe, don’t leave the public place, but instead alert staff members to your situation. 
    • Call the police if necessary. Never invite a Snapchat user to your personal residence, or go to a Snapchat user’s personal residence when meeting for the first time.