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Are you looking for a career in technology with a faster growth rate than any other occupation listed by the Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics?
Do you want to work in the technology field, but not interested in programming or networks?
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Management Information Systems Degree (MIS)
The MIS program is an AS degree that requires at least 69 credit hours. It is designed to allow students to transfer to a four-year program and additionally qualifies students for positions as programmers and programmer analysts. The program emphsizes business applications programming. The students study several programming languages, various levels of operating systems, various types of computer systems, and the peripheral equipment available in the field. Students are required to complete the AS degree core requirements. In addition MIS students will complete required course work which includes courses in Accounting, Business, Programming, Computer Applications & Systems, and Mathematics. Students also select optional courses.
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The Network Security Manager Certificate
The NSM provides students the knowledge and skills needed to prepare for careers as security systems analysts, security business analysts, database administrators, or system development managers. Students learn basic concepts and terminology in computer networks and data communications, as well as project initiation, fact gathering, procedures, forms, system implementation and evaluation. They also study legal and ethical issues, security technologies, risk management, network and system security, cryptography, and information security maintenance. Students learn to detect and analyze data stored or often hidden on computer systems and to implement database security and auditing in order to protect data. View Program Information Brief     NSM Certificate Website  

Business Information Systems Degree (BIS)
The BIS program is an AAS degree that requires at least 65 credit hours. It focuses on providing the student with employable skills in Information Technology in a two year time period. This program is intended for the student who is interested in a programming career in a client/server environment or in the areas of Website/E-Commerce or Database Applications and Programming. Students are required to complete the BIS core courses . Business Information Systems offers the student a large degree of flexibility in course options which allows the student to pursue an area of interest or gain general knowledge in one or more general programming or specialty areas. View Program Information Brief     BIS Degree Website  
Accounting Information System
(AIS) Degree

The Accounting Information Systems program prepares students to work in the accounting profession and act as a liaison between the accounting and computer programming departments. The emphasis is on strong information technology skills in order to enhance the use of both commercial and customized accounting software and spreadsheets.
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Business Administration (AS degree)
The program offers students the opportunity to take a number of computer courses while achieving a Business Administration Degree. The Program offers an optional course of study designed to transfer to Universities similar to the MIS degree. CSC110 is required.
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*****Certificates of Specialization*****

Computer Languages: Provides students who are presently employed in computer operations, or students who have strong computer application experience in word processing, spreadsheets, and databases with the knowledge of how to design, write, and execute computer programs to solve specific business problems. View details

Data Entry: Provides classroom and simulated office experience in preparation for entry-level employment for data entry operators. View details

Database Specialist: Assists students in preparing for Oracle certification as an Oracle Application Developer. This certificate will allow students to better select the focus of study and compliment the AAS Business Information Systems degree or the AS Management Information Systems degree. View details

Microcomputers: This certificate is designed for people who desire to learn about operating and networking systems and who have strong business computer application skills in word processing, spreadsheets and databases. It is most appropriate for people employed in small business where the employer wants their employee/s to upgrade their business computer application skills and assume responsibility for a network. View details
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