Under full sail, Biology 155 (Ecology of Iowa) students experience wind power as they travel across an Ox Bow lake near the Missouri River in Western Iowa's Loess Hills. The boat is a hand crafted replica of the boat used in the Lewis and Clark Expedition.
Murry Hill - Loess Hills trip for Biology 155 - Ecology of Iowa.
Biology 155 - Ecology of Iowa. Students in the Fall '04 class pause at the base of an old Cottonwood tree. This huge monarch was described in the field journals of Lewis and Clark during their famous expedition to chart the western lands of the United States. Today, the tree is located within the Lewis and Clark State Park, managed by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.
"Red Feather" is the nick name for Little Bluestem grass. The rich fall colors of the prairie provide the backdrop for Biology 126 students as they participate in important stewardship work harvesting wildflower and prairie grass seed.
Field Biology Students - (Biology 126) experience prairie restoration at the Little Bluestem Prairie in
Southern Boone county. Seed harvesting "local ecotype" seed is very important work. L to R. Tim Glennon and Candace Loy.
Chinquapin Prairie: Joey Lynn Fagen removes invasive woody plants of the Oak savanna.
Megan Clark and Joey Fagen show off part of the seed harvest accomplished in Fall '04. Biology 172 class. Students harvested many pounds of valuable prairie seeds during the fall of 2004.
Park Ranger Scott Rolfes, explains the specifications of the prairie seed drill to DMACC's president, Robert Denson. On December 16, Biology 172 students saw a full - circle process. For the past several fall seasons, DMACC Urban campus students helped restore savanna areas at Saylorville Lake. Fall '04 students hand-harvested valuable prairie/savanna seeds that were placed into the seed hopper of the prairie drill and planted at this Acorn Valley site.
Biology 172 students Joey Fagen, Megan Clark, Kate Solko, Merrilyn Kness and Nathan Reiter survey the savanna restoration site they helped rescue in the Fall of 2004.
Students are also looking for changes to the site post prescribed fire that was added in November.
The Wirth's Oak Savanna - a restoration project "in process".
Updated: 30 May 2005
Dr Danielle Wirth